COLLAGE: Today we learned a lot of method about how to make a collage, the idea of collage is to use  a lot of images to create a new idea. For example, I made a collage by scratching the paper and combined lots of pics of buildings  that I took in Barbican ,because I want to come out the idea of "Decline“ 

Stitching: It is a good way to recreate the silhouette of shapes, I used this method today to stitch the shape that I drew today. However, I also found that  there are some disadvantage of using stitching, it is very hard to portray the details, and stitching by hands is pretty hard to create a fine line, a perfect line.


Design Drawing: It is a kind of media that used to show my design. For the previous area of a design drawing, it could contains research , mood of the project that I want the audience feel or the main feature of my design, such as a big sleeve. The second design drawing is more specific then the previous one, the layout of final design should be clear enough, and should contains the cloth details ,which is something the previous one do not have.


Fashion Illustration : It more like to draw the most obvious feature of the cloth, and I can create a kind of mood through using colors. 


Today we chose a couple of shapes from the public art that I chose on weekend.The six shapes I chose are all pretty curvy, which are deconstructed from the pumpkin and flowers sculptures on Yayoi Kusama exhibition. I really want to combine those curvy shapes together which is like one layer after one later.

After that, we combines those shapes edge to edge, and through this process, I found that some people who chose straight edge shape is more easy to put them together , the outside of their structure part just stay the same as the way how they combine them together.However, since my shapes are so curvy that I have to trying very difficultly to put them together so that lead to there is a lot of wrinkle on my structure which is pretty interesting.


Self-work: Redid some research about the textile project . The reason about why I want to focus on the research is because that there was no research on my previous work, and this lead to the idea behind is not strong enough. Another reason is that I feel like myself is not good at dong research, or I don`t know how to use research appropriately.


Tutorial: My tutor taught me how to do the research , for example, if I want to use the shape of something is to record the shape and think about how to use it , and go further and further. Additionally, everything appeared on my sketchbook should have a reason why it is on the sketchbook, for example how the shape inspire me. Not just do whatever I want.


Group Discussion:

Our group member took all of our samples, and then combine them through the way of contrast or compare. For example, we put all the soft or white thing together and see what would happen if we combine them together, also, we put hard thing and soft things together.Based on these process, we gained lots more materials, and more ideas.

Phoebe English

We had a exhibition later, through watching others work, I found that my project is loss of research , and this contribute to me idea behind is not strong. My work is only focusing on how to combine materials together, there is no concept through whole thing.


Today is about a combination of white thing and colorful thing. Basically, it is about how to use the method that I used yesterday, and combine them to colorful material or the materials that have more strong ability to define my idea. 


Today I chosen one of my six final sketches ,and print all my experiment down, because I used a little bit from each one and reorganized them two create my 6 finals.I think what`s hard through this process is to image how the experiment inspire myself, for the experiment is pretty abstract , so that my job is to think about how the details of the silhouette inspire me.

 Additionally , through this process, it let me know the construction  of some simple cloth , such as the skirt , and destroyed them ,and use the feature of the origin of the cloth to create some new things. For example, my skirt is so soft that it couldn't create any silhouette like a suit, but the feature of it is that it is pretty textile, and I should use it properly. 




Today is a training about making collage and drawing during very short time. Since we only have 2 ~5 minutes to finish our painting, we have to clearly capture the feature of our model, so that the audience of our work could recognize what we are drawing. 

Additionally, we were divided in several group, and using big brown paper to make it  as a garment, or anything connected with body. We only have limited time, our first idea was using projector to reflect pattern on the body, however, we only have 2 projector so that we changed our mind. Instead, we drew pictures on the paper directly, and rolled those paper together,after that, we make it twined on our model.




I think I learned the "change" through design today, which is basically the process of how a silhouette of garment comes out. We drew any structure that we like at first, and then pick up the shape inside or outside of the structure and then copy the pattern and then combine those together again. The last step ,which I think is also the most important step ,to make new shape as big as possible so that it could put on our body.

Additionally, I think when we are choosing patterns , we should not chose too complex pattern ,because it will be difficult to combine it with other shape.


Today we have a small critic about our project, and every group has different topic. I made a model finally, but I think it could also be a installation. I draw lots of things on a big bottle , which could represent happiness such as castle, flower. The reflection of those pictures will be messed up , so I want to use this model to discuss the idea of utopianism has both negative aspect and positive aspect,


Today we went through idea factory today, which is basically drawing by using various interesting method. For example , drawing by hand that  I do not use usually, the final painting is pretty interesting , because I could not control my left hand as perfect as my right hand, so that the outline is just like sketch and not accurate.

After that, we develop our ideas that came out yesterday, I think utopianism has both aspects of negative and positive, because people inside that world might feel good and fair, however, it`s a world that not going to work. A movie called "The Giver" is totally a world based on utopia, and people inside the movie are just born to follow the rules that the leader made, and even none of them thought they ate like imprisoned, because everyone have same life. However, as an audience, I think it`s a tragedy. Therefore I think it`s` interesting to develop this point.

As a result, I think light and shadow is a good way to represent the "realty" and "imagine (utopia)",so I want to do a installation by using that affect to show the different angle that people who are inside the utopia viewing utopianism and people outside the utopia.


Today we had our first group for the first project, and out topic is three words which are "Utopianism, ink, fold". Through group discussion, I think we come out more ideas than work alone.

 For the "Utopianism" part ,we discuss the dark side of it , because we thought it is not going to work, it will be a tragedy eventually. For example, North Korea is a country that advocating everyone equal and fair, however, people in that country even could not decide their own fate, the rules limit them.

 In another aspect, "Fold and Ink", we made a few sketch about models  that combine them together .




I used a lot of methods that mentioned in previous class to make my textiles samples, for example , I use stitching to portray the shapes that I found in my collages and pictures that I took in Barbican center.However, I think only stiitching on the fabric is too literal and simple, therefore, based on only stitching the outline of these shapes, I added thicker thread inside the outline of these shapes.

Additionally, I also researched a lot of method regarding  paper folding which I think could create lot of 3D shapes that were based on the collage and pics I took before, I overlapping these shapes by stitching them together so that it is not just a monolithic thing. The colorful transparency I used is pretty hard so that I think I should consider where I put it on the body , because if I put it in somewhere like under arms it will be uncomfortable .





Today we went to Barbican and drew outside, I found that there were lots of repeating structure, for example, the windows row by row, or a lot of square holes on the wall. I think its pretty interesting to combing these shapes together, because the different distances from these building to myself, as well as different angles that I saw these shapes created  the rough style of brutalism architecture WechatIMG308.jpeg.1

 After coming back from barbican, I chose three colors which is red blue and yellow, the reason why I chose these color is not only I found them in my sketching, I also want to connect of Brutalism architecture and brutalism painting, and these three color were the greatly used in brutalism painting. 




Based on the 3D shapes I did yesterday, what I did today is about to change the 3D shapes I drew to 2D and reform it to put it on the body. Since my structure are curvy, I insist the idea that I want to combine these shapes together on layer by one layer that I came out before.

Through drawing the shapes that I chose, I found that it is not easy let the curvy silhouette fits the body, it will probably conflict with the body, for example, if I use it as a sleeve, there is no enough space for shoulder for concave side, so I have to be careful about this.

Also , I found that there is a problem through my silhouette design, my tutor said that my silhouette of garment are all in same size, which the length is all above ankle part, I could lengthen or shorten how the silhouette looks like ,so that my design is more diverse.


Today the project that I did again is about structure of factory and how factory creates pollution. Through this idea I made a couple of model that shown the structures of various kind of factory. I want to use the shadow of the model to put it on the body.

On the afternoon exhibition, I saw a lot of students use various of media to show their projects, for example, video, which is a perfect media to show the process about how they developed their project.


Today we record a video as a group, and it is about how our previous project looks like, and while one of us was presenting , the rest of us  pretending that we don`t care about the speech, we are doing whatever we want, because we want to show how terrible our work are and we want to change it.

Also, we had three induction of workflow, library and how we look a art piece.I think the workflow one helps me a lot, because they teach us how to post video and images through different ways.


Monday 10/8:Research

Tuesday: Research

                3 pages of sketchbook,

                Comes out a concept

Wednesday : Research

                       5 pages of sketchbook


                       Final samples 

Thursday :   Put sample on body


Friday : Research #2

             3 pages of Sketchbook


Weekends: Final samples & Shooting

                    (Combination of samples)


Paper cutting: Today we first use 10 different method to change the shape of the paper, and through translation these method into English, I found that there will be a little difference if we use Chinese way to describe these method.


Material use: All of my material is white, and this is a big challenge to myself, because I have been used to use lots of color to describe my idea. Therefore, how to combine these material become based on all the skills that we did perviously.


Final: 3 sample. Dropping candle and create new shapes. Combine clay and puzzle together to create another 3D shape. Put hard material into soft fabric to create contrast.


W.O.R.K.S.H.O.P & L.I.B.R.A.R.Y  I.N.D.U.C.T.I.O.N


Library in CSM ( kings cross) is a really useful things to give us inspiration . and a good place to search for proper material.


The workshop let me know how to use lots of different machines. It would be more convenient to use cutting machine to cut wood instead of cutting by hands. It gives us more accurate cutting ,and to cut more perfectly. 

Copper will have very cool reaction after heating.


Today is all about free work. First of all, I did a few examples that put my cloth on my model and see how those work on human body. I changed the way to put these two cloth after deconstructing, for example, I changed my sweater into a half siamese trousers. Those experiment works for giving me inspiration , I really like  observing the part of interesting shape through shooting them, and this really gibes me lots of ideas.

After that, I realized that the fabric of my two cloth are all pretty soft and hard to create any exaggerated silhouette ,so I changed my mind to only focus on the special feature of them, which is very textile fabric. At beginning, I made cat ears by using shoulder pad , and it inspired me to do a garment about cat. Cat always make me think of sexy , and one of my cloth is absolutely a skirt that would be wear in a  party , so I made an underwear by this skirt, and then , I used one of my experiment of the shape sweater as a basement of the underwear. I also destroyed the fabric of sweater as the scratch of cat.


I brought a  black skirt which is pretty textile and made up by fur as the cloth to deconstruct. First of all, we drew the construction of the cloth to recognize the shape of the cloth, and I think this process deeply let ue know how garment are made. After that, I took apart part of my skirt, and record those part, and then, I did some experiment about how to recreate the way to wear the cloth.